Invisalign: Fact vs. Fiction

Deciding to straighten your smile is such an exciting time in a person’s life, no matter your age, but with so many orthodontic appliances on the market, it can be difficult to tell which one is right for you. One of our favorite ways to straighten teeth is Invisalign! At Orthodontics of South Miami, we love these clear, comfortable trays that allow patients to align their teeth without the bulky brackets and wires of traditional braces. Keep reading to figure out the fact vs fiction with Invisalign.

Unfortunately, there are many myths on the internet about Invisalign treatment. If you’re a chronic Googler, we know you might have caught on to some of these and feel a little weary about using Invisalign to reboot your smile. Don’t worry! That’s why we’ve put together the most common Invisalign questions to help you sort Invisalign fact from fiction. 

Does Invisalign Work As Well As Braces? 

Fact: Invisalign is a great way to straighten smiles. 

When our doctors first meet with patients, one of their biggest concerns is whether or not Invisalign can straighten their teeth as well as traditional metal braces. You may be wondering the same thing. This myth tries to convince people that clear trays don’t work as well as metal braces. There are also rumors that an Invisalign smile doesn’t last as long. Dr. Ross is ready to put this fiction to rest!

When choosing Invisalign from Orthodontics of South Miami, you choose a long-lasting, beautifully straight smile. The truth is, Invisalign is just as effective as metal braces. Although we may recommend metal braces for more severe malocclusions or other more serious orthodontic issues, Invisalign is highly effective for most patients with mild to moderate conditions.

Isn’t Invisalign Only For Teens? 

Fiction: Invisalign works for children, teens, and adults. 

One of the myths surrounding Invisalign treatment is that it is only for teens who prefer not to wear braces. This is a common misconception with almost all treatment plans, and Invisalign is no different. Many people worry that Invisalign won’t work for adults, but thankfully, this one is pure fiction!

Orthodontics of South Miami’s Invisalign treatment program works for teens and adults alike. Our Invisalign clear aligners are perfect for adults looking for a more discreet treatment option than traditional metal braces. The transparent trays are hardly noticeable, so only you and Dr. Ross will know you’re undergoing treatment.

Invisalign treatment is an excellent option no matter your age!

Invisalign: Fact vs. Fiction

I Heard Invisalign Is Way Too Expensive, Is That True? 

Fiction: Payment plans make Invisalign an affordable treatment option. 

It’s common for patients to hear words like “smart” and “pro”  and worry that the cutting-edge treatment plan they desire is out of their league, affordability-wise. We’re here to let you know that even though Invisalign is one of the best treatment plans technology can offer, that doesn’t mean it is too expensive. 

At Orthodontics of South Miami, we believe that you deserve the treatment option that is right for you to get the smile of your dreams. If you’re looking to get Invisalign, but are worried about how you’ll pay for it, worry no more!

Our office accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans. We also offer flexible payment plans that make your Invisalign treatment an affordable reality. 

Is Invisalign Comfortable? 

Fact: Invisalign is one of our most comfortable treatment plans. 

Orthodontic treatment often gets a bad rep when it comes to comfortability and pain. Like many other patients, you may have heard that Invisalign clear aligners are a painful way to straighten your smile. Luckily, the idea that Invisalign is excessively uncomfortable is a myth!

From start to finish, Invisalign clear aligners are one of our most comfortable treatment options. With the iTero Digital Impression system, we won’t have to take goopy impressions at the beginning of your treatment process. 

Unlike the bulky brackets and wires of traditional braces, Invisalign is made of a series of clear plastic trays that won’t dig into your lips or cheeks. Additionally, Dr. Ross customizes each set of trays for such a snug fit you may not even feel like you’re wearing aligners! 

What’s more is that with Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about certain foods causing a bracket to pop loose, and you won’t have to change your diet. Invisalign aligners from Orthodontics of South Miami are removable so that you can eat in peace. 

Is Invisalign Easy To Take Care Of? 

Fact: Invisalign is low-maintenance and reliable. 

With the advanced technology and cutting-edge tools that Invisalign uses, some of our patients are concerned that Invisalign requires more work than traditional braces. Maybe you’re worried that the plastic trays are harder to clean or may break more easily. Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Invisalign clear aligners from Orthodontics of South Miami are even easier to take care of than traditional metal braces! Whereas metal braces are fixed to your teeth for the duration of treatment, Invisalign aligners are removable. That makes them easier to clean. 

Plus, since you take them out to eat, play sports, or practice your instrument, these activities don’t put your treatment at risk like they might with traditional braces. 

Invisalign: Fact vs. Fiction

Trust The Pros At Orthodontics of South Miami!

Google is a great tool, but without a professional at your side, you might come across more rumors than facts, especially when it comes to medical advice. Dr. Ross spent years in dental school and orthodontic residency to give you the facts you can rely on.

You can trust the pros at Orthodontics of South Miami! Schedule your free consultation at our Miami office today to find out if Invisalign is right for you.