Clear & Custom-Made

At Orthodontics of South Miami, the future has arrived with LightForce clear braces. Using what makes you unique, Dr. Ross and Dr. Rothenberg provide you with a treatment that is more comfortable and efficient than ever before in Miami.


Powerfully Clear

LightForce Orthodontics brings a new approach to braces by using the latest in 3D printing technology to give you a fully customized treatment plan.

Dr. Ross and Dr. Rothenberg use this innovative system to help make clear braces that aren’t only more comfortable but even more efficient in aligning your smile.

Smiling Light Force Patient

How LightForce Elevates Your Smile

The LightForce system begins with a detailed digital scan of your teeth to map their exact shape and size. We then move this scan over to design your braces to make them a perfect match for your dental structure.

3D printing technology builds each bracket for the best fit and effectiveness.The process doesn’t stop there. We also print a specialized tray that helps us place your brackets in the most accurate position on your teeth.

The Future of Treatment Is Here

Most braces are a one-size-fits-all solution. With LightForce clear braces, you’ll have access to a treatment that gets to know you. You’ll have clear braces that are more effective, comfortable, and potentially faster.

With unmatched precision, LightForce clear braces at Orthodontics of South Miami allow for a system with a clear path to achieving your desired results.

LightForce Clear Vs. Metal Braces

LightForce clear braces and metal braces serve the same purpose: to straighten your teeth and create a great smile.

However, that’s where the similarities end. With LightForce, we use an almost see-through material to make clear braces designed to blend into your smile. This offers a discreet treatment option for our more self-conscious patients.

You may know metal braces for their strength and durability. But with your custom-made 3D-printed clear braces, you’ll have fewer adjustment periods in a less-visible package. LightForce’s approach offers you a great treatment without the shine of metal.

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Clear Braces

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Metal Braces

Your Next Step

After your first visit to Orthodontics of South Miami, you’ll have a treatment plan that’s built for you and your smile.

Ready to begin? Start with our free consultation at our office in Miami to see if LightForce clear braces is the solution to your smile woes.

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