Maddox Kid’s Club

A great smile starts young! As you know, it’s never too early to start kids on their way to a future full of smiles! It’s in that spirit that we invite you to join our Kids Club and Pre-Orthodontic Guidance Program. Pre-orthodontic guidance enables us to monitor a child’s development with periodic four to six-month examinations (at no charge). This allows Dr. Ross and Dr. Rothenberg to:

  • Intercept skeletal and dental abnormalities at an early age to guide facial growth, tooth eruption, and position.
  • Minimize more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.
  • Utilize the patient’s growth and development to achieve a more cosmetic and stable result.
  • Support general dental care as a team approach with the parent and dentist.
Maddox Kids Club

It’s new, it’s simple, it’s super cool! It’s our Maddox Kid’s Club, designed especially for patients like you. So how does it work? It’s so easy!

  • Show us your club card at each of your orthodontic appointments
  • Win a reward, from our reward zone!
  • Get entered in our prize drawing, happening every six months and you could win our GRAND PRIZE!

The best part? By becoming our patient, you are automatically enrolled in our Maddox Kid’s Club. So, put your membership card someplace special and don’t forget to bring it with you to every appointment. It’s worth it!

Get your rewards and your chance to win a big prize.

The prizes are the coolest and so are you!