3 Things You Won’t Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

At Orthodontics of South Miami, we believe that quality treatment is the most important part of making your smile success story, well, a success! You want to know that you’re in good hands, especially because you’ll be trusting your orthodontist to realign the bones in your jaw to give you the smile you desire. 

So would you trust yourself to do it? You’re probably shaking your head no! Like most patients we see, you want a professional taking care of your teeth so that you end up liking what you see in the mirror. 

Unfortunately, mail-order orthodontics won’t get you those results, because you’re the one in charge of your treatment from start to finish. And unless you’re a trained orthodontist like Dr. Ross, you’re probably not the one you trust to adjust your smile. 

Mail-order orthodontics lack so much of what makes orthodontic care successful, and putting you in charge of your treatment plan is just one example. Keep reading to find out the three things you won’t get from mail-order orthodontics (that you will get from Orthodontics of South Miami!)

What are mail-order aligners?

As the name states, mail-order aligner trays promise to treat your smile with a remote orthodontic experience. This experience includes a series of aligner trays and an app that essentially serves as your orthodontist throughout your treatment. This app monitors your progress and updates you on when to change out your trays. 

Companies like Smile Direct Club claim that meeting regularly with a trained orthodontist isn’t necessary, which puts the ball entirely in your court. From your first impressions to choosing how often you wear your aligner trays each day, these companies allow you to take the role of your own orthodontist — all without the training or experience. And although mail-order aligner companies claim that their products are cheaper than traditional orthodontics, it’s easy to see why: they’re subtracting that discount from the quality of your care. 

When you are looking into any non-traditional product  — especially products designed with your health and wellness in mind — beware of wild, too-good-to-be-true statements. Loaded words like “Smart” or “Pro” should raise a red flag when you don’t know the training of the person using them — in this case, a for-profit company, not an individual orthodontist. Take an extra look at prices that seem drastically lower than you’re used to. It’s a very common tactic for bigger companies to lead customers astray by trying to sound “sciency” on the cheap without the training to back it up. 

You won’t get treatment for all your orthodontic needs.

Many orthodontic issues lie below the gum line and in the jaw itself, where goopy impressions and cell phone images can’t capture data. These issues can’t be treated with mail-order aligners which can actually make them worse. With this treatment method, processes like widening your jaw, aligning your bite, and correcting rotations can’t be accomplished like they can with a professional orthodontist.

By meeting with Dr. Ross in person, you’ll know ahead of time what your specific orthodontic concerns are so that your treatment plan addresses all of those issues. Mail-order aligners won’t help you do that. 

3 Things You Won't Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

You won’t get direct supervision of your care. 

When you step into Orthodontics of South Miami to begin your treatment plan, Dr. Ross oversees your entire journey from start to finish. With companies like SmileDirect Club, the orthodontist is nowhere to be found. Essentially, you step in as your own orthodontist. 

Typically, the orthodontic process begins with an initial examination of your teeth by a trained professional. This exam allows the doctor to determine the type of treatment required for alignment and assess the patient’s need for additional dental care before beginning. 

Afterward, you’re usually required to meet regularly with your orthodontist for follow-up meetings every six to eight weeks so your doctor can monitor your progress. These appointments aren’t just for kicks — they’re essential to making sure your teeth are straightened safely and successfully. 

Mail-order orthodontics skip these steps entirely. Placing you at the head of your treatment plan, these companies outsource the direct supervision that is so vital to a virtual appointment with an orthodontist at best and an app at worst. Mail-order companies claim to provide in-person care through one of their physical locations. They don’t tell you that these locations are few and far between or that some states don’t have a “SmileShop” at all.  

You won’t receive specialized care. 

Imagine you needed a life-altering, body-altering surgery. How would you feel if your surgeon FaceTimed you, asked you your opinion on the process, and then let you perform the surgery yourself with little instruction? 

Orthodontic treatment is a much more long-term process than surgery, but it is life and body-altering. As such, it requires the specialized care of a trained physician to be sure you’re safe. With mail-order orthodontics, you make your own impressions. You choose how long to wear your aligners and when. You decide when to consult your doctor, if ever. 

At Orthodontics of South Miami, we know that every smile is different. From the way your teeth grow naturally to the bite pattern or malocclusion you exhibit, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan – no matter what mail-order orthodontics may tell you! Without Dr. Ross’s direct supervision, your treatment plan cannot adapt to the way your mouth reacts to treatment. Without adjusting, you may cause more damage to your teeth overall. Besides, there is a range of different treatment options, and aligners aren’t designed for every individual’s needs. 

3 Things You Won't Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

You WILL Get a Beautiful Smile at Orthodontics of South Miami!

Dr. Ross spent years training to correct smiles all across the city of Miami. Why take it upon yourself to do the work it took him so long to learn how to do? 

The best move you can make for your oral health is to ditch the mail-order orthodontics and set up a free consultation with Dr. Ross today. You won’t regret it!